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Your employer decided that this year you can choose your own christmas gift! You received a gift certificate, on the homepage you can log in with the username ('gebruikersnaam' on the Dutch voucher) and password ('wachtwoord' on the Dutch voucher) that you found on this gift certificate.

Now you can choose from the many products! You can shop, until your balance is 0.

When you're done shopping, don't forget to click on the order button in your shopping cart and leave you information. We only use your information for shipping purposes.

When you filled out all the fields and you finshed your order, you will get a confirmation e-mail. As soon as we ship your package, you will get another e-mail. Usually your package will be delivered in only a couple of working days.

Frequently asked questions

Underneath you will find the questions that we get asked the most. Is your question not here? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

What do I do with the SuperBdankt gift certificate that I received?

This year you can pick out your own Christmas gift. You can do this in the web shop of SuperBdankt, that's why you received a gift certificate from us with a username and password. You can submit the gift certificate by logging in to with the information from your certificate. Please note: the username and password have an expiration date!

I received a SuperBdankt gift certificate from my employer, but the expiration date has passed, now what?

SuperBdankt has agreed on an expiration date with your employer. Once this date has passed, unfortunately you can no longer place your order. If you have any questions about this matter, please contact your employer.

My balance is 0, now what?

When you put something in your shopping cart, your balance decreases. Also if you don't place the order and you log in again later. The shop remembers what you've put in your cart. So check if your shopping cart is empty and check your balance again.

I have insufficient funds, now what?

When you see 'insufficient funds', there is already something in your shopping cart and you don't have sufficient funds to order this product (again). Check your cart and remove products you don't want to order.

How is my order processed?

As soon as you place your order in the web shop, it gets to our logistic center. Here your order gets turned into a 'picklist'. With this list an employee picks the right products from our stock. Then the products get packed in a box or envelope with a label with your data on it. The we hand it over to PostNL or another delivery service.

What is the delivery time of an order?

Normally you can expect your package in a couple of working days. The months December and January however are very busy times for PostNL and other delivery services. If you place your order in these months, it could be that the delivery takes a little longer.

How will my order be delivered?

When your package is shipped, you get an e-mail with track and trace info from Post NL. With this information you can follow your package. If your package is small enough for your mailbox, you only get a shipping confirmation e-mail.

How long will my package be available at the post office?

1 week. When the delivery person cannot deliver the package, they will bring it to the nearest post office. This information is available through the track and trace link or on a note in your mailbox. You can pick up your package within 1 week, after this week it will be sent back to us.

My package got sent back to you, now what?

When your package has been send back, you can contact us. If possible, we'll re-send the package.

I did not receive my order, can I trace my package?

The easiest way to find out your order status is to log in to with the username and password from your gift certificate. After logging in, you will see the status of your order directly. If your status has not changed in a couple of days, you can call the helpdesk at +31(0)72 - 30 30 346.

I received the wrong article, now what?

If you received another article than you ordered, you can let us know within 5 days by sending an email to In this email state clearly what is wrong with your order and we will contact you to solve it.

My gift is damaged, now what?

If your gift comes out of its package damaged, you can let us know within 5 days by sending an email to In this email state clearly what is damaged and we will contact you to solve it. We will of course check your product on signs of usage.

My gift is defect, now what?

If your gift is defect when you receive it or gets defect within the warranty period, you can send an email to In this email state clearly what product is defect and what is wrong with it and we will contact you to solve it.

My gift is incomplete, now what?

If you received another article than you ordered, you can let us know within 5 days by sending an email to In this email state clearly what is wrong with your order and we will contact you to solve it. We will of course check your product on signs of usage.

What is my warranty?

The confirmation email of your order is your warranty. Archive this email well! On all our products, the statutory warranty applies. Some suppliers extend their warranty to 3, 5 or even 25 years.

Can I exchange my gift?

If you are not completely satisfied with your gift, you can exchange it. We do need to charge you with shipping costs for the new gift.

I need to fill in my personal data when I place an order, what happens with my information?

During the order process we ask all sorts of data from you, to be able to deliver your package. For instance we ask your name, address, zip code, place of residence and some other things. SuperBdankt respects the GDPR (Geeral Data Protection Regulation). This means that we only use your data to contact you about your order (delivery times, alternatives etc.). You will not receive any spam and we will not sell your data to a third party. Read more in our privacy statement.

What is Gift-Solutions?

Gift-Solutions takes care of the packing and shipping of the gifts for SuperBdankt. Gift-Solutions also built the webshop, therfor you receive e-mails from Gift-Solutions and you'll have contact with Gift-Solutions personell when you speak to our helpdesk.

I get a cookie warning, what are cookies?

Cookes are small files that websites place on your pc/laptop. Thanks to cookies we can make your shopping easier. It remembers what products you selected for instance. This way you can take your time looking around, without losing your selection. Cookies cannot harm your computer in any way and SuperBdankt only uses them to optimize the ordering process. If you want to know more about cookies, go to your browser menu and look for 'help/content and index' and search "cookies".

I got an error during my shopping, now what?

During your shopping, all kinds of processes are happening on the background. Sometimes these processes can disturb your shopping and you get an error. When this happens during the placement of your order, you can best try again later. If it happens again, it might be caused by some preferences on your computer. You can best try ordering your gift on another computer.

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